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tailgating at wyckoffs

Tailgating Tradition at Wyckoff's

Much like a Rutgers football game, it is not unusual to find tailgaters at Wyckoff's. There are numerous families that have made a tradition and an entire day of coming out to the farm and selecting the perfect tree to take home. Please keep in mind, the first weekend in December is Very busy and we only have one tailgating parking lot!

When tailgating at Wyckoff's, please remember:

  • Refreshments must remain in the tailgate area.
  • Open fires are not permitted.
  • The family dog always enjoys exploring Wyckoff's Christmas Trees Farm. Regretfully, we have been experiencing more issues and complaints every year. Primarily...POOP! We are asking you to curb or clean up after your pet and properly dispose of bagged waste in one of our garbage cans. Do not leave bagged waste under trees or elsewhere on the farm. Your dog must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet at all times. You are welcome to bring along your dog, however this privilege may be revoked if these rules are not adhered to. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • No Drones.
  • Use one parking space. Tailgate behind your vehicle.
  • Tailgating area closes at 4:30pm.

Property owner discretion applies.