Making Family Memories for Generations

Christmas Trees

The Wyckoff Farm and Family History

John Sr. and John Jr. making hay – 1960

John Jr. and John C. – Christmas 1967

John Sr. inspecting a tree – 1972

Unloading trees – 1979

In 1839, Simon Wyckoff purchased 172 acres of property in what is now known as White Township, Warren County. For the next four generations, the farm was entirely self-sufficient, producing milk, livestock and grain. This provided food and clothing for the family. This acreage has remained in the family ever since and is now “Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm, LLC.”

In 1958, John W. Wyckoff Sr. (5th generation) began planting Christmas Trees along with his 14 year old son, John W. Jr. The planting consisted of one thousand Norway Spruce seedlings on a difficult piece of ground, annual plantings continued and included pine and fir.

In 1967, the first eight trees were harvested. Two were used to celebrate Christmas in the two Wyckoff Family homes on the farm and six trees were sold for five dollars each. Display of the trees for sale consisted of leaning them against a cattle pasture fence along the road for those passing by to see.

By 1970, the cows were sold and the amount of trees planted increased annually. The sale of the trees expanded to the front yard of John Sr.’s house and then to the empty cow barn and the barnyard. John Jr. was now working full time for a landscaping business and in 1977 started his own landscaping business. Soon, father and son decided to become full time Christmas Tree farmers and expanded the business to a cut your own operation. Trees were then sold directly from the field.

Currently, there are sixty-five acres of Christmas Trees in production overseen by John Jr. who now offers a choice of cut your own or fresh cut trees. Quality has always been the standard as a Wyckoff Christmas Tree has been named 2013 National Grand Champion and New Jersey Grand Champion 10 times.

The Wyckoff family has provided thousands of families with memories that will last a lifetime. We welcome you to visit our farm whether it is your first time or you have been here ten, twenty or thirty plus years as many have.