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About Our Christmas Trees

Wyckoff's Christmas tree Farm begins the season with over 5,000 trees. In order to increase options available for our customers, the Wyckoff family will be offering Cut-Your-Own-Trees, as well as Fresh Cut Trees for your convenience.

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

douglas fir christmas tree

The Douglas Fir is our most popular type of Christmas Tree. The needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1½ inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. They have a sweet fragrance when crushed.

Fresh Cut: 4' - 6'
(Size and availability may change as season progresses.)

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

fraser fir christmas tree

The Fraser Fir is one of the newest varieties to be offered on our farm. Fraser fir was named for John Fraser (1750-1811), a Scot botanist who explored the southern Appalachian Mountains in the late 18th century. Needles are ½ to 1 inch long, have a broad circular base, and are usually dark green on the upper surface and lighter on the lower surface.

Fresh Cut: 5' - 8'
(Size and availability may change as season progresses.)

Wyckoff's is equipped for Tree Drilling for Pin Tree Stands, which are available for purchase. Wyckoff's also has Shakers and will shake your tree before baling it, to rid your tree of dead needles. Our cut-your-own-tree process makes it possible to set up your christmas tree in just a few minutes and even less time cleaning up after it.

Cut your own trees are $9 per foot (includes sales tax)

Colored trees are an extra $3 per foot (includes sales tax)

We also accept VISA and Master Card.

Wyckoff's offers a variety of fresh wreaths, grave blankets, swags, white pine roping and many other items on display. For a greater selection of items, Wyckoff's Christmas Barn will be open on weekends